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Mal Thomas Design 

Is a creative design firm that has considerable experience and expertise in a range of design areas. These include Museum, Gallery and Visitor Centre design, furniture & object design and photography.


Museum, Gallery & Visitor Centre design
Our approach allows the creation of engaging exhibition displays that work on several levels, provoke enquiry, emotion and provide meaningful and memorable experiences for visitors. We offer an open and collaborative process providing design services for all aspects of creating engaging exhibitions, displays, and interpretation & information signage. We pursue dialogue over prescription with our clients and project teams.

Furniture & Object design

My fascination with shape, pattern, materials and production methods all inform my designs. My choices of materials and production methods increasingly take into account the challenges that sustainability and the protection of the environment present to designers.


My interest in people, their stories, composition and celebrating language and how it is written drives me to arrive at initiatives for new series of works. Common themes with differing outcomes.

2009-04-20 22.26.06.jpg



I trained in 3Dimensional Design specialising in Furniture design. I established Eggbox approximately 6 years ago to provide exhibition design services and now work under my own name - Mal Thomas Design

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